Tour Dates: Fat Freddys’ Drop

Most of y’all know that Fat Freddy’s Drop is hands down one of the best bands of our generation. The New Zealand based group toured little in the States however, especially on the East Coast. Well, That will change come next month as the crew comes to the US for a few shows.

Unfortunately, when they maen “come to the US” they only mean California and Hawaii. Boo. I wish they would at least hit up New York this time around. Next time?

If you’re lucky enough to be in New Zealand, they’re doing some 3-D shows in their hometown. Again. Boo.

Until then, I’ll be playing their single Boondigga on repeat. This song is the most soulful tune you will hear all year. Guaranteed.

06/19/10 Boonville, CA Sierra Nevada World Music Fest
06/20/10 San Luis Obispo, CA Avila Beach Bowl
06/23/10 San Diego, CA 4th & B
06/24/10 Los Angeles, CA Henry Fonda Music Box Theatre
06/25/10 San Francisco, CA The Independent
06/26/10 San Francisco, CA The Independent
07/01/10 Honolulu, HI Pipeline Café
07/02/10 Lahaina, HI Lahaina Civic Center
07/03/10 Kailua, HI Kona Bowl