Remixed: La Roux – Quicksand (by Gemmy)

I was just put on to an awesome remix done by this Bristol producer who goes by the name Gemmy. He is known to cleverly integrate the sounds of hip hop, funk, dub and electronica into one catchy/intergalactic hot-azz mix.

His latest tinkling on the awesome La Roux song “Quicksand” is no different. The original version has a higher energetic/ pop-like vibe to it – even though the lyrics are somewhat on the downer side. And Gemmy has taken the song, slowed it way down and thrown in a spacey bass to make his version a doper than the first. La Roux’s music is just destined to be remixed and I’m always on the scope for new ones.  Check out both versions below.

La Roux Quicksand Gemmy Remix (Unreleased) by GEMMY