New Music: Who is Bruno Mars?

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Bruno MarsOtherside

Bruno MarsOur First Time

UPDATE: Here is the final version of Otherside with Cee-Lo and B.O.B.

Bruno Mars is the luckiest dude in America right now.

Plucked from obscurity his delicious hook (probably one of the top 10 of the decade) has ended up gracing the top song in the country. BOB’s Nothing on You is a brilliant pop track, but let’s face it, it would be nothing without Mars’ booming vocals.

But the question remains, who exactly is Bruno Mars? It’s not like BOB picked an already notable artist…say Trey Songz to back him up. Even though Mr Mars (aka Peter Hernandez) is not a household name , the dude has been in the background of the industry, penning the hit “Right Round” for Flo Rida and chalking up songs for Maroon5 and Brandy. The artist, , also has some brilliant solo material, and fronts his own band, playing critically acclaimed shows at LA’s Temple Bar.

With a sound that crosses left field, pop and indie rock and R&B, Mars’ palate might be as diverse as his pal Bobby Ray. The Hawaiian born Mars is dropping a new EP through Electra called “It’s Better If You Don’t Understand” and the tracks that I’ve heard so far have been superb. “Otherside” is an upbeat pop track with a somewhat Coldplay-like hook while Our First Time is an classic R&B stunner. On top of that he plays hook duty on Travie (Travis?) McCoy’s new single “Billionaire.”

Bruno’s solo career seems to be bright and there is no doubt that he will become a household name soon.

  • Tom

    Bruno Mars will become a household name sooner or later. He has an amazing voice.

    • http://google rere1996

      yes he does!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Katieee

    Bruno mars Is Absoulutely AMAZING he is my favourite signer and hes gorgeoussss :P

  • rebeca

    Bruno Mars has an amazing voice!!!he will soon become a VERY famous singer!!!WONDERFUL voice,really hot=FAMOUS!!!!

  • andy

    i loove his voice…..soon he brk elton john &mny mre singer recrd

  • ChristopherMee

    Bruno Mars def has an amazing voice a duet with him and Jessica Ferguson or Jessie J would be even more amazing. BTW you guys would love Jessica Ferguson check her new video

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