VIDEO: Nappy Roots – P.O.N.

Kentucky’s Nappy Roots was on milk carton status for a while, even warranting a “What Ever Happened To?” post back in 2006. The group, whose singles “Awnaw,” and “Po’ Folks,” earned them a Grammy nomination earlier this decade vanished toward the middle of the 2000s. Even though they weren’t overly popular, thier breed of Southern hip-hop was much appreciated in many circles, yet their bluesy swagger was rendered irrelevant once crunk and snap took over.

The Nappy Roots have been trying to stay in the limelight. After releasing the slept-on The Humdinger in 2008, they relocated to Atlanta, and have been working with such producers as Phivestar and my new favorite SMKA producer. The result is The Pursuit of Nappyness, an album that strives to maintain their Southern bluesy style while updating it in the process.

The SMKA produced track P.O.N. was a highlight of the 808 Experiment Volume 2 mixtape and they dropped a video this week:

P.O.N. from Nappy Roots on Vimeo.