New Music: Lillian Bui

One of the best things about YouTube in my opinion is the dearth of singer-songwriters that have appeared on the video portal since it’s beginnings. We’ve profiled more than a few here on The Couch Sessions. Some of them (check Pricilla Renea) have had millions of views and parlayed their YouTube success to record deals and recording contracts.

And thankfully, this is a trend that is continuing, especially once I found Lillian Bui.

I first saw Lillian at my friend’s open mic in Silver Spring, Maryland a few weeks ago and was blown away. It was just her and a ukelele singing “Dream A Little Dream of Me,” and it was incredible. Her minimalist sound and stripped down aesthetic was downright comforting.

Most of y’all know that I’m a sucker for singer/songwriters. Yes, we have such amazing products as Pro-Tools and automatic pitch correction, but even in 2010 nothing beats a solo voice and a guitar. No doubt Lillian’s sound is vintage–with covers of such standards as “What A Difference a Day Makes” and “” the retro throwback feel is almost refreshing, yet it dosen’t seem forced.

Lillian Bui will be performing at the Sulu Series this Saturday evening at U Street Music Hall in DC: