New Music: Lazers, Signals and M.I.A

Major Lazer feat. Busy Signal and M.I.ASound of Siren


Another M.I.A blog post? You’re either rolling your eyes by now or just got excited to hear the latest to get one up on everyone else on the internet…  Though this isn’t strictly M.I.A but Major Lazer’s latest from their upcoming EP this summer. Blasting that dancehall with Jamaican artist Busy Signal with hook vocals by M.I.A, Major Lazer gets us ready for another hitlist of jams to look forward to this summer hopefully since I’m definitely feelin Sound of Siren, which also seems like it’s hyping up M.I.A too among other things.

Also now, Major Lazer has become a favorite of mine ever since Hold the Line dropped some time last year, though it feels so much longer. But to get new releases from the collaborative Major Lazer AND M.I.A this summer (assuming everything drops on time)?

Yeah, get ready to get down.