New Music: Flashover by The Klaxons

The Klaxons – Flashover


Here’s the latest from the Klaxons, off their second upcoming album which is under the working title Surfing the Void. The UK band, described usually as nu rave crossing British dance punk dropped their debut album back in  ’07 and I heard them not long after that. I remember hearing and watching the video for Atlantis to Interzone, and I couldn’t say I was an immediate fan. But I started to feel their music a little bit more after a couple of listens. I don’t know how often people compare the two, but the Klaxons have always been reminiscent of MGMT for me. MGMT. which I have grown on me since my first listen similarly around the same time.

So haven’t heard much about the Klaxons in a while till this single was released Tuesday, and apparently I haven’t been the only one. They have been pretty popular after their last couple of singles off the last album. Though I wouldn’t say Flashover is too different from their previous songs, which isn’t really a bad thing, Flashover hits a lot harder.