New Hip Hop: Badio – Kiss the Sky

Hip Hop out of Woodbridge, Virgina?? GTFO. Those were the first words out of my mouth when I was asked the other day if I had heard of this kid Badio, reppin’ Northern VA (right outside of DC). I guess it really shouldn’t have come to that much of a shock because hip hop is everywhere, But still, for those of us in DC…it’s like really?

And the answer is yes. Really.  Badio has apparently dropped a couple of mixtapes last year and now his star seems to be slowly rising. He’s got that chill-back flow that is becoming increasingly popular these days, but I’m definitely not mad at his effort. Dude even released a kinda cool video to go with his latest single “Kiss the Sky”. It’s worth a peep – check it out below.

Badio- Kiss the Sky-OFFICIAL VIDEO from Allison Mullally on Vimeo.