Music: The Black Keys Drop a Video, Go After Their Label?

Most of y’all know that Akron, Ohio’s Black Keys have been on fire lately. Their last album debuted in the top 10 of the Billboard charts and their collaboration with Dame Dash and Blacroc gave them a new hip-hop fanbase. Steeped on their new found success, the duo is set to release a new album, titled Brothers which drops May 18th.

I found this video for the single “Next Girl,” which features Frank the Dinosaur lip-synching while stereotypically hot women fight in the background. But what is more interesting is the little ticker that scrolls below the video, where the Key’s allege that they had no part in the films making and that the puppet is “is demeaning to the soul of the record.” Word?

Even though going after your label in this weak industry environment is the course du jour, I’m sure that this is all tongue and cheek. +1 for shrewd marketing however.