MIXTAPE: Lexx Black and brandon* – The Swim Fans

Download: Lexx Black and brandon* – The Swim Fans

My 11.2 Gigbytes of MP3s via Gmail has convinced me that there is too much music in this world. The ease to which people are able to make music has allowed almost anyone to put out a mixtape these days.

But you have to ask yourself….is the music good?

That’s what I asked myself when I came across this new mixtape from my homie Lexx Black, and the answer is yes. Their Swim Fans EP inspired from the Adult Swim is 9 tracks of goodness. With a palate that samples Adult Swim theme songs, and inspired by the music from the 15 second bumps before each show, Brandon and Lexx create tribute that blends the spirit of Adult Swim with the own forward thinking mentalities.

I’m very impressed at the result, and looking forward to what these guys will cook up in the future.