LIVE STREAM: Smirnoff Experience MashUp Street with Tiësto and BLK JKS from South Africa

Tiësto and BLK JKSDreaming
[audio:|titles=01 Dreaming (Radio Edit)]

For the first time ever, Smirnoff will stream one of their prestigious Smirnoff Experiences™ live, giving fans from all over the world the chance to tune in and be part of this one-of-a-kind global event.

Smirnoff Experience™ ‘MashUp Street’, set to take place in Johannesburg on 15th May 2010, features headliner and world’s biggest DJ/producer Tiësto. Fans can join in and be part of this exciting experience by tuning in online this Saturday.

Tiësto’s set will be live-streamed for the world to see on Saturday 15th May from 11:30pm South Africa Standard Time. Viewers will join a 30-minute countdown featuring exclusive interviews with Tiësto, teeing up 60 minutes of streaming at the height of Tiësto’s live performance, which kicks off at midnight local time.

Bangkok, Thailand – 4:30AM (Sunday)
Barcelona, Spain – 11:30PM (Saturday)
Beijing, China – 5:30AM (Sunday)
Berlin, Germany – 11:30PM (Saturday)
Bogotá, Colombia – 4:30PM (Saturday)
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 6:30PM (Saturday)
Caracas, Venezuela – 5.00PM (Saturday)
Delhi, India – 3:00AM (Sunday)
Dhaka, Bangladesh – 3:30AM (Sunday)
Dublin, Ireland – 10.30 PM (Saturday)
Istanbul, Turkey – 12:30AM (Sunday)
Karachi, Pakistan – 2:30AM (Sunday)
Lagos, Nigeria – 10:30PM (Saturday)
Lima, Peru – 4:30PM (Saturday)
London, United Kingdom – 10:30PM (Saturday)
Los Angeles, USA – 2:30PM (Saturday)
Mexico City, Mexico – 4:30PM (Saturday)
Montreal, Canada – 5.30PM (Saturday)
Moscow, Russian Fed. – 1:30AM (Sunday)
Mumbai, India – 3:00AM (Sunday)
New York City, USA – 5:30PM (Saturday)
Paris, France – 11:30PM (Saturday)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 6:30PM (Saturday)
Sáo Paulo, Brazil – 6:30PM (Saturday)
Seóul, South Korea – 6:30AM (Sunday)
Sydney, Australia – 7:30AM (Sunday)
Tokyo, Japan – 6:30AM (Sunday)