LIVE STREAM: Smirnoff Experience MashUp Street with Tiësto and BLK JKS from South Africa

by Couch Sessions

Tiësto and BLK JKSDreaming

For the first time ever, Smirnoff will stream one of their prestigious Smirnoff Experiences™ live, giving fans from all over the world the chance to tune in and be part of this one-of-a-kind global event.

Smirnoff Experience™ ‘MashUp Street’, set to take place in Johannesburg on 15th May 2010, features headliner and world’s biggest DJ/producer Tiësto. Fans can join in and be part of this exciting experience by tuning in online this Saturday.

Tiësto’s set will be live-streamed for the world to see on Saturday 15th May from 11:30pm South Africa Standard Time. Viewers will join a 30-minute countdown featuring exclusive interviews with Tiësto, teeing up 60 minutes of streaming at the height of Tiësto’s live performance, which kicks off at midnight local time.

Bangkok, Thailand – 4:30AM (Sunday)
Barcelona, Spain – 11:30PM (Saturday)
Beijing, China – 5:30AM (Sunday)
Berlin, Germany – 11:30PM (Saturday)
Bogotá, Colombia – 4:30PM (Saturday)
Buenos Aires, Argentina – 6:30PM (Saturday)
Caracas, Venezuela – 5.00PM (Saturday)
Delhi, India – 3:00AM (Sunday)
Dhaka, Bangladesh – 3:30AM (Sunday)
Dublin, Ireland – 10.30 PM (Saturday)
Istanbul, Turkey – 12:30AM (Sunday)
Karachi, Pakistan – 2:30AM (Sunday)
Lagos, Nigeria – 10:30PM (Saturday)
Lima, Peru – 4:30PM (Saturday)
London, United Kingdom – 10:30PM (Saturday)
Los Angeles, USA – 2:30PM (Saturday)
Mexico City, Mexico – 4:30PM (Saturday)
Montreal, Canada – 5.30PM (Saturday)
Moscow, Russian Fed. – 1:30AM (Sunday)
Mumbai, India – 3:00AM (Sunday)
New York City, USA – 5:30PM (Saturday)
Paris, France – 11:30PM (Saturday)
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – 6:30PM (Saturday)
Sáo Paulo, Brazil – 6:30PM (Saturday)
Seóul, South Korea – 6:30AM (Sunday)
Sydney, Australia – 7:30AM (Sunday)
Tokyo, Japan – 6:30AM (Sunday)

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