In Case You Missed It (so now you’re on it): Slakah the Beatchild

On the under-under, Slakah the Beatchild has been known as a dope up-and-coming producer for the past couple of years. Some know him from his beats (and sometimes rhymes and vocals) he contributed as a member of the group Art of Fresh , while a few might remember him from the work he did last year for the singer Ayah; but on a whole Slakah the Brainchild has managed to slip past many-many radars,  including my own – until now.  

The Toronto musician has made a name for himself as a cool and open dude willingly down to share the indie spotlight with other artists on the rise. It was this kind of forward thinking and music networking that led to his 2008 underground banger The Soul Movement Vol. 1 which also featured another (for the most part) unknown Toronto MC named Drake. While Slakah used his skills as a tight beat-maker as a platform to  expose some of Canada’s top soul and hip hop artists he was also able to showcase his own vocal abilities which particularly stood out in the songs “What’s This Feeling” and “DANCE”.

Beatchild may not be slappin’ in hella headphones (for the time being) but he is still putting in work to get his music into a large amount of digital hands. As of late he’s been touring  here and overseas with his dope crew members Tingsek and Ebrahim  who collectively just leaked a new single called “War Within” – which is rumored to be off of his forthcoming LP called Fantastic Vol. 2. You should peep him because his music is a nice progressive fusion of hip hop and R&B all written and produced by him. And although some of it is over two years old it is still Summer 2010 worthy. I think this dude is pretty talented and I will mos def be on the lookout for whatever he drops next.


Artist Name: Byram Joseph AKA Slakah the Beatchild

Hailing From: Toronto, Canada 

Genre: Progressive hip hop and soul

Vocals and Effects: the Beatchild

Sounds Like: A light mix of Raheem Devaughn (due to his vocal range), Musiq Soulchild (?) and Slakah

Label: BBE Music


Nuggets of Hotness: “Enjoy ya Self” “Whats This Feeling” “DANCE”  and “War Within” (NEW see below)

Influences: Dilla, Rapheal Saadiq, Stevie Wonder (to name a few)

War Within – Beatchild, Ebrahim, Tingsek by beatchild