From The Soundcloud Dropbox: Michelle Shaprow

Placed in a genre that sometimes takes itself too seriously, LA’s Michelle Shaprow and her dose of quirkiness is a welcome relief. The Yale educated singer studied “”, but it’s not all academics here. She’s already made her mark on the underground, producing tracks for King Britt’s FiveSix label in addition to Om Records and Warner Brothers.

Out of all the tracks in her soundcloud, I’m most attracted to Ferris Wheel. The track and it’s soul meets indie vibe is distinctly unique, and on the heels of Janelle Monae shows that the dated genre of R&B can be taken in a different direction.

What do y’all think?

3 Michelle Shaprow – Ferris Wheel by Michelle Shaprow

1 Michelle Shaprow – Back Down To Earth (Pre-Release) by Michelle Shaprow


Artist Name: Michelle Shaprow
Hailing From: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: Progressive soul
Label: Unsigned
Nuggets of Hotness:
“Ferris Wheel,” “Back Down to Earth”