Duo 2 Peep: Aries Connection

Tidewater Virginia is no stranger to tight music. From Teddy Riley, Timbaland, Missy and Pharrell  – the southeastern area of VA has been on a long hot-streak of putting out unique and experimental sounds. Even with knowing this I was still a little caught off guard when I came across Aries Connection.

Reppin’ the (757) Aries Connection is comprised of two dudes: Steve Cife (the DJ) and Bobby Blunt (the vocalist) – throw in their hommie J Runns on the drums here and there and together you have a creative mix of alternative soul, hip hop and funk. Think Gnarles Barkley meets Sly Stone and then at times meets the Clipse? Weird? Yeah. Dope?  Definitely.

Aries Connection has recently dropped an EP called The Vibes And……. It’s something pleasantly different and it’s something that should be peeped.