DC: Ladies Salon – Women in Hip-Hop Panel Discussion

Ladies Salon: Women, Hip-Hop, and DJ Culture Workshop and Panel Discussion

Wed May 19
6:30 – 8 pm
Dodge City
917 U St NW
$5 | 21+

Women have been rocking the mic and the turntables since the days of
Sha Rock and Spinderella, but rarely have our stories been told. Join
K La Rock, Junebullet and Seattle female hip-hop duo CanarySing as we
talk about being women onstage and behind the decks at the first-ever
Ladies Salon. The Ladies Salon is a forum for women artists, DJ’s, and
producers to share their work, build community, and talk about their
creative lives. Be part of the dialogue as we discuss gender,
identity, and breaking barriers on and off the dancefloor. Come early
for a hands-on demonstration and skills-building workshop. For more
info contact info@klarock.com.