Band 2 Peep: Teenagersintokyo

Reppin’ London via Sydney (how dope does that sound?);  Samantha Lim, Miska Mandic, Linda Marigliano, Sophie McGinn and Rudy Udovich have been on the loose as Teenagersintokyo for well over five years. After dropping their self titled EP they made a very light noise on the under-underground overseas but for some odd reason pretty much went unnoticed here in the States. Now the band has reemerged with a catchier sound, a more sophisticated look and a tighten up full length LP,  called Sacrifice which is definitely worth a peep.

Teenagersintokyo have a sound that kind of reminds me of an odd mix of the the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Warpaint and maybe even a little Portishead? Actually they remind me of quite a few bands but with their own unique twist. At times their music is heavy and suitably melodramatic and at other times its energetic with an awesome retro/punk edge.

Lead singer, Samantha has always had a dope voice and stage presence but in their latest video (and second single) “End it Tonight” she is showcasing potential to be a full out rock star. In fact the entire band as a whole has the potential to be big. The girls’ rock their instruments with a such supreme mod-like coolness and Rudy (the only male in the group) bangs out the drums with serious intensity. Collectively they kill it.

Teenagersintokyo may have gone unnoticed the past couple of years but it seems as though they have really used the time in between to develop a more integrated sound and a more polished onstage presence. With a huge European tour already in effect and their debut album set re-drop on May 24, this may be the year that finally gets them over the stagnate hump and into peoples headphones. I am now officially a fan.