Welcome to the Jungle! Marcus’ 32nd BIRTHDAY Jumpoff, DC

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Yes, I’m turning 32. For real. 32. Crazy, right?

But yeah. Whether you know me because you’re a lifelong friend, family, a college rabble rouser, co-worker, professional wrestler or acquaintance from the wonderful world of music, let’s party. Party in the USA. Party All the Time. It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to. Party Hard. Get This Party Started. Party, party, party, let’s all get wasted (except me, lol)!

Trevor Martin’s my homie and a tremendous DJ. Pretty much any time I throw an event for TGRIOnline.com he’s involved. So, if you’re into everything from Slayer to Michael Jackson to Gucci Mane to Miley Cyrus, he’s got you covered.

Friends…well, everyone…it’s my birthday. I’m having a party. This should be appropriately ridiculous. The poster not only features me as a pro wrestling manager, it also features me wearing a padlock and steel chains as a fashion accessory. I think that pretty much covers me.

But yeah. Y’all are all invited. Little Miss Whiskey’s is a fun venue with solid drink prices that won’t make you mad and a good soundsystem. Sticky Rice is on the same block, as is Popeye’s, so, between sushi and fried chicken, I think we can find something agreeable for a meal beforehand, even.

All of my worlds will collide. This should be fun.