Video: Futuretro – Magic

So yeah, one of my latest missions is to find some new, quality hip hop -since it seems like everybody and they mamma’s are complaining that the genre itself is ‘dead’. And yeah, there is a lot of whack-tastic ish floating around these days, but I’m determined to leaf through the whackness and find some hotness that is worth adding to my iPod. And these days that means I may have to ‘travel’ across the world to find such things.

My latest quest has taken me to Stockholm, Sweden where I came across this duo going by the name of Futuretro. They just dropped a single from their upcoming LP called “Magic” which they say will be ‘one foot in new school hip hop and the other in the old school’. I’m digging the beat, the flow and the video – but it’s gonna take a few more tracks to win me over completely  –  but so far so good. Check it out and let me know what you think.