T.I’s AKOO 2010 Spring/Summer Collection

Big Boi in AKOO

Okay, this is just great. Another rapper who thinks just because he can make words rhyme he can make clothes and tell people how to dress?  I had to say it, the urban fashion market is getting so watered down with rappers slapping their name/image onto clothing lines I can’t even keep up anymore.  But I’m actually feeling  Clifford Harris’s (TI’s real name) venture into the market, so he gets a pass.

A King Of One’s Self, AKOO for short, is sort of like Abercrombie and Fitch with a dash of street thrown in (or the “Trap” as TI would say).  You have your basic striped polos, jeans, and of course the logo T-shirt.  The logo I’m assuming is a fox, which I take it to represent being sly and cunning. Anywho, the new spring/summer collection is available in stores nationwide.  Check out some of the pieces below!

AKOO is available at: