Review: Peter Hadar at Ella, NYC

Words By: Nekeya O’Connor
Photos By: Joann Gomez, Music Looks Like This

Sometimes, the best way to be introduced to an artist, is to experience them LIVE. There is something about the connection between an audience and an artist that in unmatched. The intimacy that is created is genuine. The energy is pure. There is no mistake as to whether or not this relationship, between artist and audience will work. There are no false pretenses. No false profiles, as may be indicated on Its real. Its authentic.

Ella Lounge in Alphabet City was the perfect place to host such a budding relationship. Dim lighting, intimate atmosphere, ill deejay, and an energetic bartender. Honestly, I felt like I was experiencing a session from MTV Unplugged or my first date. “Can ya’ll dim the lights a bit more?…we ‘bout to get all types of crazy in this shit..” That’s how he entered the stage. That’s how Peter Hadar introduced himself. With a glass of white wine in his left hand, the microphone in his right, hat tilted to the side, he begins. I didn’t know what to expect from this man. His “thug-like gentleman” demeanor, coupled with one of the prettiest smiles I’ve seen in a while, had me questioning whether or not this man was really here to move my soul, or was he just going to do enough to get it (aka buy his music just to show support).

This man opened his mouth, and I instantly was blown away. Even though I had no expectations, he was better than I possibly could have imagined. I sat back on the couch and thought to myself “why the hell have I never heard of this man??”. His voice was rich. “Tell me if you wanna go..I’ll take you places that you’ve never seen”…and he definitely did. Singing most tracks from his Well Dressed for the Art Show EP, Hadar crooned his way into the hearts of his listeners. “Too Fresh” and “Sleeping Pills” (with special adlib from C.I.O.N. Burris of Brok’n Englsh) were my two favorite performances. Hadar was intriguing, as he engaged the onlookers from the time he stepped on stage, to when he said his goodbyes. He may very well be the definition of cool, even though he’s hot like fire.

Between his voice, his band, Long Kiss In Public (who by the way may be one of the best bands I’ve heard in a long time next to Alife Band), his two background singers/dancers, I received a treat. By the end of the night, I felt like I’d known Hadar for a long time. But alas, it was only for a night. Nevertheless, my memory of him from this one encounter leaves me with a thirst for more. I’m excited to see what else this brother has to offer. In the meantime, I’ll be sitting in the front row waiting.