Once a Model Now a DJ: Sky Nellor

These days, it’s never a huge shock to hear about a rapper/musician suddenly interested in becoming an actor (or a fashion designer, restaurateur, director or perfume maker). Nor is it surprising when an actor or athlete suddenly wants to be a rapper or pop star. There’s something about the creative minds in the entertainment industry and wanting to somehow be involved in all aspects of it, so seeing the cross-over is normal in 2010.

The modeling business is no different. Fashion models no longer want to keep their skills limited to the runway and both Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum for example have shown that the transition over to TV is possible. However, for a model to successfully go from the cat walk to the DJ booth is a feat one might not expect; and unbeknownst to many, model Sky Nello (aka DJ Sky) has been proving for quite some time that being hot with a dope ear can in fact take you a long way.

Before Sky was a DJ she was a successful working model from Australia booking some of the top gigs in the industry, such as the cover of Spanish Vogue and her coveted Guess campaign which got her worldwide recognition. But it was after an inadvertent trip to the DJ booth when her career really begin to take off.

With her popularity spreading almost instantly DJ Sky pretty much became an in-demand DJ overnight  and has since DJ’ed at some of the hottest fashion and music events in NYC, Miami and abroad. Heavily influenced by all the traveling she did as a model, her music repertoire includes everything from  hip hop, rock, 80’s and soul and she has a clientele that includes a who’s who of the entertainment industry:  Vanity Fair, Calvin Klien, Giorgio Armani, ESPN, Playboy, Diddy, Fergie, Missy Elliot, MTV, Belvedere, Entertainment Weekly and the 40/40 Club – and she also dropped three mixtapes in the her in “down” time.

The DJ scene for the most part is a male-driven industry so for a female to gain any notoriety is a huge accomplishment and the fact that Sky was a model first made it even a little tougher for her to gain respect. So it wasn’t just her looks that got her to the top, if that were the case than all the models currently attempting to crossover into the booth (and believe me there are a lot of them) would be in demand. Instead she let the hot music she pumped out speak for itself and while in the process was able to use her past fashion industry experience to market herself efficiently. Her flyers show off her past work as a print model and she rocks a work “uniform” that most women would kill for. Successfully, she combined her love for fashion and music  (which is a combo that has gone together since forever) to create  a solid entity for herself and that is an accomplishment I just can’t be mad at.

Check her out for yourself at www.skynellor.com