New Music: Rich Hil feat Kid Cudi – EPS

Rich Hil feat Kid CudiEPS
[audio:|titles=Rich Hil – EPS (Feat. KiD CuDi)]

Rich Hil feat Kid CudiTrippy
[audio:|titles=Trippy (feat. KiD CuDi)]

Who is this Rich Hill kid and are we as music writers supposed to like him? Wait, he’s Tommy Hilfiger kid?? Gives side eye. Ok, having that said, I’m a huge fan of this song “EPS”. It seems to combine the perfect elements of emoness, hipstersness and danciness (yeah I made those words up).

Having that said, this dude is naturally paired with Kid Cudi for almost all of his songs, and the two potheads actually compliment each other well. The song “Trippy” is another winner What do y’all think?