New Music: Birdman – Money To Blow (DJ Dials Joy Orbison Hyph Mingo edit)

Birdman – Money To Blow (DJ Dials Joy Orbison Hyph Mingo edit)

Hat tip to my homie Lennis Tomb from TGRI for this one.

One of the things I love about the EDM community is that they tend to do rather amazing remixes of top 40 hip-hop albums. While the current notion of “remix” in the hip-hop community tends to focus on a couple “of the moment” rappers” phoning in a verse or two, EDM artists have completely re-worked songs, hearkening back to the days when a hip-hop b-side would have a couple of house remixes on them.

Take DJ Dial’s vocal edit of Birdman’s “Money To Blow”. Dials makes some subtle edits to Joy Orbison’s excellent Hyph Mingo, removing the broken beat and adding a more hip-hop 4/4 backbone and understated horns. The Bay Area DJ completely reworks the track, by changing relatively little.

If you don’t know, Joy Orbison is the look. The dude, who went from working the mailroom to becoming a UK dubstep sensation, and his track has already been voted as one of the top 100 tracks of the 2000s by Resident Advisor. I posted the original track below as well as the original non vocal edit.

Hyph Mngo (dj dials remix) by dj_dials

Joy Orbison – Hyph Mingo