MIXTAPE: Lunchbox Theory and DJ Underdog Present Africa Africa Africa

by Winston "Stone" Ford

<a href="">KARIZMA-SADE REALLY LOVES U by Lunchbox Theory</a>

Most of y’all know that we think Lunch Box Theory’s monthly Afrobeat party with DJ Underdog is the hottest party in the city (Washington Post does too), so of course we had to post his latest mix to the world. This one is a bit more ecclectic, starting off with a sweet Sade remix and ending with tracks off of the glorious Madlib in Africa. Of course, Fela and Sunny Ade are included too.

And don’t miss the monthly Afrobeat party taking place TOMORROW at Bossa in Adams Morgan, DC:

  • Moon

    this mix is so f**** dope…big ups to the silent ninjas of the world. I saw Underdog @ a house party in Crown Heights last week and he rocked it. Even NYC stamps him

  • AquilaChe

    My favourite spring mixtape thus far! In fact better than anything this year as well. Respect to Underdog and LunchBox Theory crew. They def are staples in our region. Underdog??? Me haffe come check ya mon at Patty Boom Boom!

  • fatbellybella

    Underdog…tell Yeshi I said peace and she has a good husband

  • Alex Sun

    Great mix. Good to know there are still people doing this music actively

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