MIXTAPE: Jerome Baker – Fashion Faux Pas

DOWNLOAD: Jerome Baker – Fashion Faux Pas: A Love Story

Man, I remember back in the day when Jerome and I would have talks about our frustrations with the game. Flash forward 6 years, and I see that my homie is killing it right now, spinning The Do Over out in LA, and doing gigs in Miami, NYC, and spots in between. Good look.

We get mixes in our inbox all the time, but none have a concept as stellar as this one. The mix brings everything together, from Estelle to Jamiroquai:

We all know that relationships come and go. Some last four days some last 4 years. We all have been there, met the person who we were so captivated by that NOTHING they could do would be wrong. This the story, thru song(s) of a relationship gone right, wrong, and then right again. A story of love, redemption, and overcoming that heartbreak.

The songs that make up this mix tell a story of a girl, who loves all things fashion and dreams of working as designer in Paris and remembers her day life as a worker in downtown Brooklyn. She then hits the city later that night with her girls in anticipation of a great time. She soon gets approached by a young man who wants her attention and thus they proceed to dance the night away. He’s the quiet, confident type, but underneath it all he knows he’s the shit. She keeps saying she just came to dance, but as the night continues their love is born. They proceed to fall in love on the dance floor but shes hesitant and only wants fun and his touch, not too much. One thing leads to another, he professes his love for her and a baby is upon them.

However she remembers how this isn’t the life SHE wanted. One night @ a jamaican club she announces her freedom and takes back her freaky side. Her girls are telling her to let it out. He is crushed and proclaims her the biggest Heartbreaker out there. She is now caught up in her world and wants to leave the world that she has known and everyone else in it behind.

She says “FUCK IT! There is no more YOU & I”…..

He pledges his love “I’m so happy I found you”!!!!

There’s more to the story but I’ll let you piece it together for yourself….