LIVE: The Temper Trap & Florence + the Machine at the 9:30 Club, DC

Florence + the Machine – Dog Days Are Over

The Temper Trap – Science of Fear

The Temper Trap – Drum Song

Playing at a sold out show on Tuesday night at the 9:30 Club was the Australian alternative band, The Temper Trap, and the lovely redhead, Florence + the Machine (can’t forget the Machine!). Now I’m aware of the fans of Florence out there, but I was mainly out on Tuesday for Temper Trap, originally thinking Florence + the Machine was just a good add-on. Though these two acts both pulled off an incredible show. Starting off with the opening band, Kissaway Trail from Denmark, on a cherry blossom tree back drop, the stage was soon transformed into a floral fantasy setting that’s part of Florence’s smoky-carefree-dream vibe.

Though I’m accustomed to Florence’s almost soft sounds growing into louder expressions, I never expected the rockability she brought out on the stage. It probably had something to do with the lights, smoke and nearly all her fans singing along. And of course the best part was her getting the floor literally jumping on my personal favorite, Dog Days Are Over. The response was so huge, she thanked Washington, she said, never expecting the response everyone gave her.

After the newly enthused-about-DC Florence left the stage, we were in for another change in mood. The Temper Trap coming up definitely removed the flowers and dream with a harder flavor. Sounds like a big change but it was a perfect contrast. And the energy continued strong.  The scale of lead singer, Dougie Mandagi’s, voice and the variety of songs that The Temper Trap are capable of, with every jam, a new feeling followed up by so much more. Of course, they didn’t stop at the singing, demonstrated by the just plain crazy performance of Drum Song – putting the vocals aside for just the beating of the drum.

Overall, an unexpected lineup of talent became a real good time. Anyone who missed out, definitely check out both The Temper Trap and Florence + the Machine on stage next time they’re in town!