Koru Licks EP

When my good friend Haz told me last year about his “bro’s band” Koru Licks and how dope they were, I had no idea how much I’d be kicking myself for taking six months to finally give their music a listen. After a bit of down time last week, I took him up on his advice and tracked down their recently released self- titled EP. I love nothing more than a live band feel to tracks, and they blend their obvious love of Jazz, Soul, Hip Hop and Funk extremely well. I will let them introduce themselves.

“Fresh new band from the jazzy underground of the Auckland music scene. This bunch of musical time travellers fall back to the swinging, sample-based era of golden hip hop, funk, latin and jazz – but all live and direct. Koru Licks is an ensemble that regenerate the feeling of dope, organic soul music with a team of talent ridden players.”

Ben Trinick – Drums
Abe Pai – Bass
B Mynor – Guitar / Keys
Truent – Turntable
Miso Shiru – MPC
Mikey Rockwell – Vocals / Percussion

It’s safe to say this EP and their other tracks on their bandcamp have been on high rotation the last week and Koru Licks can definitely join the ranks of Julien Dyne, Electric Wire Hustle, and Lewis Mc Callum as proof that New Zealand has definitely got soul.

Below are my two favourite tracks from the EP, but you can download their whole EP free here

<a href="http://thelicks.bandcamp.com/track/one-take">One Take by Koru Licks</a>

<a href="http://thelicks.bandcamp.com/track/jazzy-fifths">Jazzy Fifths by Koru Licks</a>