Interview with Baltimore Photographer Josh Sisk’s and his “Under the Strobelight” Exhibition – Baltimore – 4/24/10

If not already aware, Baltimore’s Josh Sisk is quickly becoming in this site’s opinion the dominant music photographer of this generation. Photographing subjects from at all levels of the rock spectrum in locales as diverse as from the stage to the studio to the club, to even recording in their bedrooms, Sisk is rapidly becoming a master in grasping the esesence of the creative magic of music. We are not the only ones who feel this way, as his photos have appeared in Spin Magazine, Rolling Stone, XLR8R and every major music magazine large and small you can think ofWith a background in punk rock promotions (even running a label), Sisk blends a classic education in photography with a true punk attitude that is reflected in the up close, personal and visceral nature of his grandiose works.

On Saturday, April 24th, Sisk has his first gallery type exhibition of his works shot in dance clubs, “Under the Strobelight.” The event takes place at Baltimore’s Bijon (226 W Monument St), at the corner of Monument & Howard Streets from 8:30-11:30pm with free champagne, music by Jay Rags, and photos and copies of the limited preview version of the book on display (and for sale).

I had the opportunity to interview Sisk to get his thoughts on concert photography, his professional background, the nature of his development as it relates to the development of the East coast music scene, and some of his favorite times behind the lens. As well, the nature of how and why he shoots what he shoots was discussed, and it is an all around entertaining look into the career of one of the most underrated propellers of the Baltimore and East coast underground’s rise to prominence.