INTERVIEW: DJ Ayres and Nick Catchdubs talk Flashing Lights, their careers and the future of underground dance culture…


NYC’s Flashing Lights party came to DC on Thursday night at the Temple of Boom we all know and love, the U Street Music Hall. A passionate throng withstood a torrential rain shower to come out and party with Jess Jubilee, DJ Ayres and Nick Catchdubs. The event was business as usual for the exemplary DJ and production trio, as they played a stellar mix of classics, new hot tracks, and the floor filling bangers that have come to define this generation.

I had the opportunity prior to the event to chat with T & A Records co-chief (with DC’s own and partial venue owner Tittsworth) DJ Ayres and Fools Gold mastermind Nick Catchdubs literally just prior to them spinning the event. In this 20 minute conversation, we touch on a plethora of subjects from the party itself to DC’s rising dance scene to the necessity of stewardship and development in DJ culture. As well, the nature of humility was discussed alongside the duo reflecting on their career achievements.

For more information on Catchdubs, Ayres, Jess Jubilee and the Flashing Lights party itself, visit the Flashing Lights website!


Want proof of the heat these selectors and producers bring? Look no further:

Nick Catchdubs’ Radio Friendly Unit Shifter mixes for Brooklyn clothier Mishka are incredible nuggets of alt rock goodness that make you want to skate or sit and watch Mallrats for 24 straight hours. Phenomenal work.

Aside from the dozens of remixes he’s done, he remixed Kanye West’s “Champion.” “Mama Said Knock You Out” and Buju Banton’s “Champion” get involved. It’s on point.

DJ Ayres, when not going in huge with ravey dance tracks at Flashing Lights throws an infamous NYC party with DJ Eleven and Cosmo Baker called The Rub.  The It’s The Motherfucking Remix Vol. 3 mix they dropped in the promotion of the party is the best hip hop mix recorded anywhere in the world in 2009. Listen for proof.

And Jess Jubilee? The Florida born bass princess produced this jam with Udachi last year. This Major Lazer comparable bit of electro dancehall bass funk WILL get stuck in your head all day.