In Case You Missed It: grooveman Spot feat. Grap Luva – Gettin’ Better

I hear it all the time; people saying that the current state of hip hop is whack, dead, watered down or whatever – and at times I may agree.  A hot-ass hip hop song is less likely to fall into your lap as often as it would have however many moons ago. So in these dire times, instead of waiting around for that rare happening, I go out and look for the ish myself.

Last week I did a post on Tokyo producer grooveman Spot (aka DJ Kou G) who recently dropped his awesomely done second EP, Change Situations via the dope indie label Jazzy Sport. And one of the many highlights off that album and something that is a must peep- is a track called “Gettin’ Better” featuring Grap Luva. For you serious hip hop heads you may know Grap from his tenure as a member of the 90’s rap group, INI, which was composed of Grap and his older brother (the one & only) Pete Rock.

Though Grap has been out of the ‘mainstream’ mix for hella long his appearance with DJ Kou might be one of his hottest tracks ever. The pairing is just undeniably perfect. Between grooveman Spot’s infectious beat and Grap Luva’s chill and poignant flow, this song may be just the right cure for those of you having the hip hop blues.

Peep for yourself:

[audio:|titles=Gettin’ Better (feat. Grap Luva)]