From the SoundCloud Dropbox: Breezy Love Joy – The Coldtapes

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Download: Breezy Love Joy – The Coldtapes

Breezy LovejoyTrouble (Coldplay Cover)

Breezy LovejoySparks (Coldplay Cover)

Breezy LovejoyX&Y (Coldplay Cover)

To be honest, I really gave up on new music for a while. Although The Couch Sessions has become a pioneer in finding and discovering new talent, it seems like acts who are coming out these days lack the freshness and originality of the people before them.

However, a visit to our SoundCloud page has gotten me interested in music again. The tracks that have filled my headphones for the past couple of days have been downright amazing.

Take Southern California’s Breezy Love Joy. Influenced by everything from soul to funk to hip-hop, Breezy has created tracks that combine jazzy vocals with some futuristic beats. Take his brilliant interpretation of Coldplay, aka The Coldtapes. Led by the marvelous rework of their track “Trouble,” to the bluesy “God Put A Smile On Your Face,” to the catchy take on “X&Y,” this project is hands down the best thing I’ve listened to all year.

The Couch Sessions is putting a firm co-sign on this. Download it NOW!

  • ytravillian

    Nice look. This dude is very experimental in this… past/present kind of way. It’s almost hard to put into words. Excellent addition to the iPod!

  • Gabriel Perez

    YEAH BOY! I’m the one that sent the file in. Just animated a music video for them, got some other video stuff in the works as well. Also don’t forget to get the latest mixtape, “Shit I Cant Clear” on their website.

    Promote quality music!

  • Jamie

    I remember going to the Viva La Vida tour in Phoenix when someone handed me their promo CD and I listened to it on the way home in Tucson. It took me a while before realizing that the lyrics seemed extremely familiar and then I looked at the cover to see that it said “a Coldplay tribute.” It was really good! But now I’ve lost the CD and my computer crashed so I no longer have it. Hope I can find it again!

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