FASHION: North Star – Classic Canadian Sportswear

When I was in 5th grade there was this dude who would rock nothing but North Star to school every day. At first, I thought it was some fake Addias, but it it turns out that his parents were divorced and he spent his summers in Vancouver. Little did I know at the time that he was rocking the venerable North Star brand, which has become legend North of the border.

After a 20 year absence, the North Star brand is set to make a comeback. Helmed by renowned Toronto fashion designer Adrian Aitcheson (of Too Black Guys, whom we profiled back in 2008) the new summer styles are definately a throwback to the bright colors of the 70s and 80s. Of course, like most things Canadian not named Justin Beiber, North Star is not sold in the US at the moment. I’m picking up some apparel when I roll up there this summer for sure. (via 1LOVETO)