Culture: The New Benjamins

The $100 bill. It’s reached iconic status around the world. Thanks to Weezy and Fat Joe for teaching us how to make it rain, and Puffy for letting us know that it’s all about the Benjamins.

However, compared to other countries, our money is kinda FAIL. The green dollar bill can’t compare to the plastic window found in Mexico’s money, or the advanced anti-counterfeit measures found in Australian bill. They ain’t as pretty to look at compared to the Euro, and the Canadian dollar either. Even with that, the US two-thirds of US Dollar bills aren’t even circulated in the United States.

Even after all these years, US scrilla is fairly easy to copy, so of course we had to step our game up. This week, the US Treasury introduced new bills for you to make it rain in the club. The new $100 has some fairly interesting counterfeit measures, such as new holograms and a 3-D Security Ribbon to fool the thieves.

Will it work? Who knows. However I would suggest you don’t try to copy the new bill on that Lexmark scanner you have on your desk. (via Wall Street Journal)