Christina Aguilera Drops New Video: But Is It Too Lady Gaga-ish?

So yesterday Christina Aguilera dropped her new video for her first single “Not Myself Tonight” and unfortunately a lot of the blogs have been tearing her up saying that her image is too similar to that of Lady Gaga. Christina is shown in black leather undies, straddling and kissing another girl, leather chokers and so forth.  And although I do feel the video is a little Gaga-ish, I have been a Christina fan for over a decade now and in my opinion this is no different from what she would have put out five years ago. Does anyone remember her video for “Dirty” ??

Christina has always been edgy, diverse in her looks and not afraid to push boundaries. But since her hiatus from the game (due to giving birth) Gaga was able to ease on in and captivate with that same /similar image (although  a little more extreme). However, in this game if you are away from the limelight for a even a minuscule of a second, it is easy for someone to come in and steal your shine. It is definitely an open playing field. Not saying that Lady Gaga bit Christina’s style per se, but the comparisons are understandable. But hell, if we want to get super technical we can say they both bit from Grace Jones and Madonna (to name a few).

“Not Myself Tonight” was directed by Hype Williams who also directed the Lady Gaga and Beyonce video for “Video Phone”. So maybe Christina should not be getting all the blame for the similarities. As for the song itself, I wasn’t initially thrilled when I heard it a couple of months ago, but it is growing on me. The beat is kind of hot and of course Christina sounds good although she’s not flexing her vocal skills like she could. But does she really need to?

Her new album Bionic is due out June 8. Peep the video below and share your thoughts.