Art Docs: DIY America (Graffiti – Parts 1-3)

For all you graffiti art lovers, here’s something cool to peep. A three part mini documentary from the producers of the DIY America series showcasing  some of the dopest street art creators coming out of the punk and skateboarding communities. The documentary is broken down into three parts  (all a little over three minutes) and features some of today’s most popular graffiti artists. Check them out below:e

“Roots and Drive” – highlights graffiti starting from its early hip hop roots in New York  – to its present times.

“Legal vs. Illegal” – focuses on the dangers of  being a graffiti artist and features Sace, Amaze, Deadcat, Sleezer and Earsnot.

“Broom and Brush Brigade” – touches on the ‘buffers’  of the street art community: The folks who have to clean and removal the actual art.