ADVERTISING: Justin Timberlake x Audi – The Next Big Thing

With so many distractions in our day, in addition to our DVR’s that skip advertisements, selling a product has become much harder in 2010. However, Audi has stepped up the commercial game, enlisting Justin Timberlake and the beautiful Dania Ramirez (Heroes, The Sopranos) in a new action series called “The Next Big Thing”, promoting the new Audi A1, which drops in the states this year.

Of course, car companies doing the movies as commercials thing has been done before. In 2001, BMW enlisted a then little known Clive Owen for a series they called “The Hire”, which still kills the game. However, grabbing Justin and making him an action star is a risky deal (can he act?). The trailer looks mad promising though, so I’m going to give Audi a shot with this one.

It would be cool if they could just drop Justin from the project altogether and just make Dania the lead. Just sayin’.