VIDEO: OK Go – This Too Shall Pass

Y’all remember OK Go? The dudes who dude the thing on the treadmills on YouTube a few years ago? That video (and it’s millions of views) solidified YouTube as a video distribution model for artists and vaulted the Chicago band from almost getting cut by their label to pop sensations overnight. That video had over 49 MILLION views, however, they have been sort of quiet since, however, they’re back with the rather amazing video for the track “This To Shall Pass.”

This is actually the second video for the track. The first video, made with the Notre Dame marching band, failed to take off virally, however, round 2 is looking like it’s a hit, assessing over 800,000 views in less than 24 hours. The group used a “mindshare” of around 300 people found online to come up with the concept of the video and there was no CGI used. The rube goldberg setup took several months to plan and build. The group also got sponsorship money from State Farm Insurance (hmm…new funding model for music videos?).

Even if you’re not down with OK Go’s music, you gotta appreciate the artistry that goes into making this video.