VIDEO: Beyonce feat Lady Gaga – Telephone

by Winston "Stone" Ford

Wow, I don’t even know what’s going on here, but I like it. After seeing Ms. Gaga and Beyonce out in LA I’ve become new found fans of both acts, and even though I’m not feeling their last vid for “Video Phone,” I’m sorta digging this….and I don’t know why. Actually, I do know why :)

My fellow Connessseur of Culture, Benhameen of Please Don’t Stare links to the breakdown of the video from True/Slant. Interesting:

Both Gaga and Mayne get Los Angeles and Southern California on a fundamental level. Rather than try to resolve the disparate, complex and conflicting forces in modern society, why not highlight them? Celebrate them?

It’s a viewpoint unique to Los Angeles, a city that’s maddeningly dysfunctional to outsiders, but from the inside is nothing short of a kaleidoscopic fever dream of possibility.

I think I missed all of this when I was in LA last January. Fail.

However, as much as I admire GaGa and Bey, I gotta say…it looks like they might be trying a little too hard with this one. What do y’all think?

  • Emily

    Is this site a source for pop music or alternative music?? I’m confused.

  • Stone


    First and foremost its a MUSIC site. We blog about what we like, and nothing else. We like all music: hip-hop, electro, pop, rock, etc. If it’s in my iPod, I’m going to blog about it. Nuff said.

  • Shoshana RK

    YES they’re trying a little too hard. And the product placement? Tacky to say the least. Really distracting and in-your-face. Even if I can understand that there’s a combination of sincere shilling and ironic Warhol-esque prostitution of art going on here, it’s just unpleasant. If I’m watching a music video, I don’t want to feel like it’s one of those incredibly annoying pop-up ads. Stop lingering lovingly on the products. Jeez.

    Also, I’m sorry, I enjoy her music, this is not a cheap insult, but… that is hell of a manly-looking woman. While I thought it was funny that she had a “blurred region” crotch shot and the “SHE DON’T HAVE A DICK” comment, you could have a team of doctors and scientists give me a close-up and dissertation on her lady parts and I still would find her femininity less than credible. Not that I’m judging anyone’s sexuality or choice. If she’s actually male, or hermaphrodite, or mixed chromosome, or whatever, I’d still admire her music and her brass balls/ovaries/whatever. But hello? Stop trying to convince us you’re a girl, Gaga.

    Still, decent catchy pop, you can never fault her on that. Not as engaging as many of her other songs, which I think are a quite fascinating social and personal commentary on disengagement from emotion and relationship anyway. Obvious examples: Bad Romance, a twisted, fetishized and satirized affair ending in the death of the partner, Papparazzi, a distorted and slightly psychotic obssession song, and now Telephone “Stop calling me or I’ll kill you. But I’ll kill you anyway. Because nobody should be in my space, ever. Not even indirectly such as in a diner.” But it doesn’t stick in your head the way her other songs do.

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