TiVO Steps its Game Up For Music Fans

If it weren’t for my DVR I would probably miss half of the crap that comes on TV. Commercial watching has become a thing of my past thanks to my handy fast forward button on my remote control. But it looks as though the DVR may have some major competition headed its way.

TiVO, the creators of ‘pause’ & effect TV are set out to reclaim the top spot by introducing a new pair of models called Premier and Premier XL, which will function as an all purpose Media Device. Yup now after being out in the mix all day listening to your iPod, you can go home and have some of those same apps available on your TV. This new version is set to entice music heads by offering Youtube to watch internet videos and Pandora Radio. Couch potatoes will also have services such as Amazon, Blockbuster and Netflix to keep them entertained while chilling at the crib.

Oh: And as an added bonus; the Premiers will also have the ability to scan through 30 seconds of commercials in about one second, making advertising almost non-existent.

I doubt I’ll be checking for TiVO – even with all their new fancy work, but something tell me that makers of the DVR will soon be hopping on the band wagon and releasing their own versions soon enough.

Via: DigitalMusicNews.com