The Connoisseurs of Culture Interview: T-Shirt

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Download T. Shirt & Darvin Silva – The Tan Faced Children EP

T.Shirt and Darvin Silva – Somewhere in Miami
[audio:|titles=02 (Written Somewhere In Miami)]

As our fellow Connoisseurs of Culture have noted, COC artist T.Shirt dropped his newest EP, titled Tan Faced Children. The EP, based off of the Walt Whitman poem O Pioneers! From the influence alone, you can tell that this isn’t your typical hip-hop. Influenced from European MC’s the New York based rapper is heavy on the concepts, dropping a tribute to Sade, in addition to a track, 24 Frames, which contains only movie titles in his rhymes.The production from Darvin Silva is solid as well.

Already picked up by XXL, the Tan Faced Children EP is one of the best things I’ve heard this year. Don’t sleep.

You chose the name T.Shirt….how did you come with that name?
I make clothes. I started making stuff in High-School and started making some money from it so I started doing it on the side while doing music. People started calling me T.Shirt and I thought it was cool. I had had a bunch of rap names but I thought T.Shirt sounded funky so I kept it. The more I ran with it the more people would tell me it was cool and they couldn’t forget it.

HA HA, word….it’s definitely different as far as rap names are concerned. So your rap style…’s a different sound than what a lot of cats are doing today.
How So?

I just think that the cadence is a tad slower and a bit more poetic but maybe I’m seeing something different?
Well, I like to change my tamber depending on the music. You’re gonna hear different stuff from me because I love music, all kinds. It’s more than rap to me.

Speaking of rappers, who are your influences?
I like classic New York rappers the best really. Hov, Big, Nas. I love Jay Electronica. I’m inspired but a bunch of stuff. I think the Beatles are the greatest.

What inspired you do to that Sade tribute track?
I was mad excited she was coming back out. She’s for real one of my favorite artists. Paul Cantor has been sending me great music so it just came at the right time. I’m trying to make events out of records, stuff for the time that I can try and sell to different themes.  So it just worked and that’s what came out.

Word. Very good look on that one.

Thanks man.

Speaking of stories and themes, what’s the concept of the Tan Faced children EP?
Darvin [Silva] is my man, he’s a crazy dude. He’s been producing records, showing me dope music for the last 5 years and we’ve made some really cool stuff together. We just thought it was time we do something official. I asked him what he thought Walt Whitman meant by “tan-face children” and he said he was talking about the kids back in the day working mad long and hard under the sun. I thought it made great imagery and metaphor for how hard we work.

What’s the track “Monday Massacre” about?
I believe that was the name of the beat Mr. Oizo did and we just ran with it. I wrote that thing in 30 minutes on the train and it’s one of my favorite tracks i ever did no lie.

So what’s next for you man? Album? Tour?
There’s a bunch of cool shit coming up definitely. A lot more shows and events. And Tan-Face Children ! the album is crazy haha, I wanna perform this record. There’s gonna be a few videos attached as well.Somewhere In Miami Video Preview

01. Pioneers! O Pioneers!
02. (Written Somewhere In Miami)
03. Monday Massacre
04. 24 Frames (Movie Night)
05. Recommendation
06. Starry-Eyed
07. Allure (Must Have Been Love)
08. Outro Music