SXSW Showcase Preview: Tabi Bonney

Yeah I know, we say it all the time, but DC has long been overlooked in the music department – particularly hip hop. Although Wale has definitely helped boost our ratings, we still have a minute to go before the Nation’s Cap is truly recognized as a city to reckon with. Fortunately leading the soon-to-be bum rush is DC’s Tabi Bonney. A name that is beginning to be more familiar to some but after this year’s SXSW 2010 – will hopefully me known to many many more.

Born in West Africa and son of a well-known musician named Itadi Bonney (who was exiled for criticizing the Togolese dictatorial government), Tabi was pretty much put here to rock the mic and have his voice heard. He first burst into the scene in 2006  with his debut album, A Fly Guy’s Theme, an album that took hip hop heads by storm when his video’s suddenly started to explode on MTV 2’s Sucker Free. This occurred with no label backing or PR team to help with the push. His music spoke for itself and was proof that a cool flow, tight beats and a dope azz persona is what music fans were really looking for – making A Fly Guy’s Theme an underground success. The second single Syce It (syce is DC slang for hype) was produced by BennyD  (beatmaker for Akon) and my first introduction to Tabi Bonney.

Fast forward to 2010 and Tabi is seriously defining himself as an entrepreneur. His current stats rank under MC, video director, film producer and fashion designer. His ability to be successfully prolific without it coming off like he’s trying to hard gives him a huge advantage over other MC’s. His clothing label, Bonney Runway, is set to return this summer and he recently released a video (that he directed of course) to give folks a peep at the hotness to come:

Although crazy busy, word is that Tabi’s true love is music. His second and latest album (which initially dropped some time ago) was re-released in January and is appropriately titled DOPE – which spawned the very cool video,  Jet Setter:

He is currently releasing tracks on the net pretty frequently, and word is that he’s deep in the lab creating new hotness. One of those new tracks being Get Me, which spread like wild fire on the blogs a couple of weeks back:

[audio:|titles=Get Me]

Another recent hot one was his duet with DC vocalist Raheem DeVaughn called ‘Fever’. An an excellent R&B/hip hop  ‘slow jam’ that has many wondering if a ‘best of both worlds’ album is perhaps in the making:

Point blank, Tabi Bonney is on the serious come up. From the Source, to the Fader, to Billboard to XXL – he has received cred from some of the most notable industry critics out there. And with the recently released video Love Me – a song with his new group The Crybabiees (which I am absolutely LOVING right now, so much that it deserves to be re-played) Tabi is moving hella fast to solidify his pending success.

His music is NOW, original, fresh and a MUST peep. We are expecting his 2010 appearance at SXSW to be just the ammunition needed to propel his career into high gear.

OH: And check out his website to not only cop his albums and peep his line,  but to also here my favorite song of his called Nuthin But a Hero. It is very hot and proof that Tabi is seriously on to something great.

Tabi Bonney will be performing at the Senari x Couch Sessions SXSW showcase next Wednesday, March 17th at 10:00 PM. RSVP Here.