SXSW Showcase Preview: DJ Gavin Holland

Gavin Holland. If you’re in “the know” in DC then that name is synonymous with some of the best groundbreaking music parties in the DMV. I first stumbled upon Gavin at his trademark Nouveau Riche party, which he promotes with fellow forward thinking DJ’s Starks and Nacey (who will be down in SXSW on the Senari Showcase here). That night reminded me of my days in London, as the crew combined hip-hop, electro, house, R&B, and anything in between, ending it with a raucous dubstep set where MC’s waxed poetic over the powerful beats. Was I in DC or Brixton?

I’ve been a fan of Gavin Holland ever since. He’s been on the pulse of music, and it seems like the dude almost reads my mind at certain points during his set. B-More club mix of UK superstar Calvin Harris? Check. Mitchel Brothers “I Wish I Was Michel Jackson” tune at an MJ tribute? Check. It seems that this dude’s knowledge of music knows no bounds.

Getting his start in the DC punk scene, Gavin brings that nonchalant attitude to the dance floor. It’s pretty much anything goes for the DJ. As he tells AOL’s, “The whole Dischord scene is a huge influence to me. We were once in punk bands, and I’m finding a lot of this energy in dance music, so that’s kind of where I went.” In addition to spinning on his own, last year he teamed up with house and disco music DJ Chris Burns for the Party Bros project, spawning several dance floor ready tracks such as “OhhBayBay,” and “The Grind.”

What to expect from a Gavin Holland set? Well, if you’re in DC you already know. Expect the unexpected. We could see anything from old-school hip-hop to classic house on Wednesday as Gavin closes out the SenarixCouch Sessions showcase at Speakeasy in Austin. If you haven’t already, RSVP here.