SXSW Showcase Preview: Deadly Dragon Sound System

Not only will the Couch Sessions  have the dope artists’ performing at our upcoming SXSW showcase we will also have some dope DJ’s on hand to get you all hyped up and ready.  Meet Deadly Dragon Sound System – reppin’ NYC and guaranteed to make you dance and sweat. If you are unfamiliar with them, here’s a brief breakdown on what ther’re all about:

In the game since 1995, Deadly Dragon Sound System was formed in Chicago, IL with the mission to share some of the hottest reggae music coming out of Jamaica with an audience who didn’t have the necessary outlets to hear it.   Within months, their weekly Sunday night DJ party rapidly spread and became the must-attend event turning Deadly Dragon Sound System into underground reggae kings.

Three years later  Deadly Dragon (Scratch Famous, Selector JD and Queen Majesty)  took their parties up to NYC where their success continued to sky-rocket which ultimately opened the doors for them to not only be DJ’s but to become a huge retail entity as well. Now with a collection spanning more than 150,000 pieces of vinyl their store located in the heart of Chinatown has become a reggae staple.

They still continue to be some of the best reggae sound providers in the nation and we are certain that they will bring the fiyah and energy that they have become known for to their set at this years showcase.

Deadly Dragon Sound System will be performing at the Senari x Couch Sessions SXSW showcase next Wednesday, March 17th at 10:00 PM. RSVP Here.