SXSW Showcase Preview: Cubic Zirconia

This week, we’ve been profiling all of the acts that will be playing our SXSW showcase, next Wednesday at Speakeasy in Austin, TX. Check out our profiles of Adam Tensta, Tabi Bonney, and Jahdan. Next up, headliner Cubic Zirconia.

Many of y’all might remember the beautiful Tiombe Lockhart from her work with Detroits Platinum Pied Pipers, the Living Legends crew as well as her work with Bilal. However, it’s her newest band, Cubic Zirconia that seems to be the talk of the town up in New York.

Unlike their namesake, there is nothing fake about this band. Cubic Zirconia’s sound is raw and dirty, sounding as it has been lifted straight up out the gutters of the New York club scene, with a vibe that combines new age, B-More club, and electro. The sound is peaked by Tiombe’s sexy, almost nonchalant vocals, creating funky, yet danceable cub tracks. Their first album, the aptly titled “Fuck Work,” got people noticing and their collaborations with such artists as Dam-Funk, DJ SEGA, and Nacho Lovers have solidified their place in the club world.

So what can you expect from a Cubic Zirconia’s performance next Wednesday? Well, as one blog puts it: “this is the kind of dance party that transcends sparkly scenester shows and old school bashes alike.” Expect a highly energetic set with (possible?) exotic dancers and deliciously short and skimpy attire worn by Tiombe. Yes, it’s going to be as sexy and sweat as you’re imagining right now.

Cubic Zirconia will be performing at the Senari x Couch Sessions SXSW showcase next Wednesday, March 17th at 10:00 PM. RSVP Here.