Reality DJ’s: The Wizards NYC and Hot 97 have teamed up to produce an internet reality show called The Wizards NYC – a docu-series that will shed light on three of New York’s most well known and successful DJ’s. The premise of the show is to give an in-depth look into the lives of the guys many consider to be the ‘anonymous heroes’  of the DJ booth; guys who never really seem to get their due shine even though they are the ones who continuously control and rock the crowds:

Brooklyn’s DJ Enuff was one of the first Hispanic DJ’s to break through in New York. Mentored by DJ Red Alert, Enuff became the DJ to envy when he scored the ultimate gig of being Tour DJ for the Notorious B.I.G. back in 1994. He continues to hold down the number afternoon spot on Hot 97.

Queens own DJ Camilo became well known as the in-house DJ for Queens hot-spot, Club Casablanca. Pushing mixtapes since the 90’s, Camilo who is now a married father of two is currently struggling with the slow loss of his hearing and vocal cords; but he refuses to let that slow him down by continuing to make major moves with his own mix show on Hot 97 and as a promoter for his artist, Juganot.

Reppin’ the Bronx is DJ Cipha Sounds – someone who is no stranger to the camera’s but still remains to live on the low. Cipha who was mentored by DJ Flex currently stays extremely busy hosting Cipha Sounds Effect on Sirius Satellite Radio’s Shade45, hosting MTV2’s hip hop countdown, Sucka Free and running New York’s number one morning show on Hot 97.

All three are ready to let the world see the true life of a working DJ: ‘The glitz,  the glamour and the grind’.


For more information go to and peep the shows trailer below.

The Wizards NYC Promo Trailer: