PHOTOS: G40 The Summit

Last week saw the opening for the G40 Summit, Art Whino’s huge 5-floor art exhibit spanning an enormous array of diverse artists (500+!). Going to the show’s opening party, last Saturday, was pretty much sensory overload. Just entering there the reception floor there was music blasting, multiple wall murals, live art/paintings, screen printing on it and lots of people mingling with each other and the artists. The art ranged from paintings, mixed media, drawings, photography and installation pieces– literally everything you can think of. Though keep your eyes open there are so many rooms throughout the floors, it might be easy to miss something you should’ve seen! Here are some photos from Saturday night (click the thumbnails a closer look)

Part of a stencil/mural/show room by Truth Among Liars

The topic was Femicide – a brightly colored yet morbid perspective

Close up on that paint and paper

Detail on a piece by Couch Session’s own, Lady Glock

Obviously these pictures don’t even scratch the surface on the art presented at this show. So check it out for yourself! G40 runs till March 30th at Crystal City and the events keep comin’, each week they got interactive art workshops, lots of performances/music and live paintings. More info on the schedule and a full list of artists here.