New Music: TkZee – “Dikakapa”

As I have mentioned before, Africa is killing the game right now. Forget those tribal sounds of past, there is a new movement of hip-hop, electronic, and pop music coming out of the continent. Case in point South Africa’s TkZee (pronounced TKZ). The group of three school friends make music in a genre called Kwaito, which is the combinaiton of US House music with African sounds. Even though the group doesn’t have a name in The States, they have been rocking South Africa for over 10 years selling more than a few hundred thousand albums.

Cinematically, the video is a dope look. The black and white film juxtaposed against skateboarders and BMX bikers gives us a different view of Africa than what we’re used to, and the beat of the song (similar to UK funky) is a straight floor filler. (via Afripop)