Follow our SXSW Showcase Headliners Cubic Zirconia on URB Magazine

Before they hit our SXSW Showcase on Wednesday, our headliners Cubic Zirconia are on the road, playing dates in Cleveland, Chicago, and St. Louis. They’re documenting their adventures on URB Magazine this week. Check it out, This should give you guys some indication of the craziness that is going to do down this Wednesday:

The show starts with Tiombe taking charge of the apprehensive dancefloor in 2 minutes. Half way through the brand new set, it went tribal. Drums, drums, drums and more drums. The kids jumped right in to the band screaming with lyrics they’ve never heard. Next thing I see is Nick hanging upside down in the rafters on top of Tiombe’s head as she howled to the moon.

We hung around with fans after the show, until the realization that the six of us… had no real place to stay. D’oh.

Luckily, Nick fell into a potential housing situation. After an hour of hanging with the fans and actually having to order lemon drop shots, we were in the door of a huge apartment a block away. We had a crew of 12 or so in tow who hung out drinking, smoking and listening to Classixx and Sonnymoon.

Then, two random girls had sex with each other.

Yeah, after reading that I’m more than ready for Wednesday!