First the Little Brother Breaks Up….

If there was one quintessential rap group to drop in the past decade, it would be Little Brother. The laid back beats and Southern swagger set the Durham, North Carolina trio apart when they first dropped, and even though they were never commercially successful, they had legions of fans, including yours truly.

Unfortunately, Little Brother existed as a group in name only for a while before they “officially” broke up. We have been writing about constant arguments between Pooh, Phonte, and 9th Wonder for a while now, arguments that extended to a Twitter argument that took place this past weekend.

Essentially, it boils down to Phonte and Pooh dropping a track on the their latest project Leftback that 9th Wonder did not want to clear, which seems to have brought up longstanding issues between the two factions. Hip-Hop DX has all of the specifics here. Phonte took to Vimeo to explain his side of the story below.

I’m friendly with both camps, so I can’t really wage an opinion on this. I do have to say that even though more and more artists are taking on social media, doing your business out in the digital street tends to hurt your brand in the long run. What do y’all think?