Arts, Beats and Lyrics Urban Art Exibition, Presented by Gentleman Jack, DC

Art, Beats + Lyrics is a unique experience that combines “urban art” with live performances, which partner for a creative visual and aural exchange.  The event takes place Friday, March 26, 7pm-12am, complimentary admission – RSVP, with complimentary Jack Daniels served all night.


Art, Beats + Lyrics was established in 2004 when founder Jabari Graham faced being laid off from his job.  Jabari figured he could look for new employment or create it himself.  He had long toyed with the idea of creating a showcase for unrecognized urban artists.  Jabari decided to follow his dream, investing his savings and severance package to fund an urban art showcase in Atlanta’s eclectic Little Five Points District.  The exhibition was well received.  The venue held 250 people, but over 400 attended.  With that initial success, Jabari teamed with Dwayne “Dubelyoo” Wright.  Dubelyoo had been creating his own art shows and brought experience, connections with artists and the inside perspective, being an artist himself, to the showcase.  Together they repackaged the event and “Art, Beats + Lyrics” was born.  Positive reviews from their first show made their second show at Atlanta’s High Museum of Art an unparalleled success in both AB+L and High Museum history.  The museum was filled to capacity within three hours of the show’s opening.  With the success of that and several other shows the next step was to take the show on the road. The concept for the show was pitched to Jack Daniels and the partnership to produce one of the largest traveling urban art exhibition was born.